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Frolov’s Respiration Training Device

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Inspiring story about cancer healing with Frolov device

The man who has used the Frolov device:

” . . . I briefly mentioned to you a long time ago a revolutionary breathing device from Russia that had been extremely helpful for my recovery. I’ve used it now for 3 entire years, and I can honestly say I’m more impressed with it than ever before. Not only have I empirically witnessed how it has healed me in numerous and dramatic ways, but I’ve also had scores of blood tests along the way to monitor its physiological effects on my body.

This coupled with my dietary research and changes, especially in what you’ve advocated, have been life saving. If I might briefly explain one possible benefit of the device for you, I’d appreciate it. Three years ago I was perhaps a month from death, riddled with stage-4 melanoma. My vitals and blood work were terrible, to say the least. In and out of the hospital, I was scheduled for oxygen due to lung failure. Concurrently, I had an acquaintance in Australia send me the breathing device. Never expecting it to reverse my deadly cancer (and with nothing to lose), it was only to aid my breathing prior to death.

Yet with it came a book written by the inventor of the device; barely able to read—with severe vision loss—it was fascinating, believable, and scientific. He wrote of how beneficial it was not only for optimal breathing but for optimal health. (And by the way, he’s a major advocate of copious internal CO2 levels—relative to oxygen.) I’ll skip 99% of what I could tell you, but the one issue that may demonstrate its relevance for you is the following: Starting with the device in week one, I could only breathe for 2 minutes, averaging a mere 7 seconds for my ‘combined’ inhale and exhale. This was called a respiration cycle. Essentially the goal is to see how long one can slowly exhale thru some minor water resistance in a small but highly calibrated container, using diaphragmatic breathing.

A healthy adult should be able to go 20 to 30 minutes, in twice/ day breathing exercises, at around a 25 to 30 seconds per breathing cycle (inhale to inhale). As you can see, my 7 sec average cycle for only 2 minutes was nowhere near that healthy adult capacity. Fast forward to now, Aug of 2014, I can and do breathe for some 40 minutes at a time, twice/ day (for max benefit), and my ‘average’ breathing cycle normally is around 90 seconds! I’ve been as high as 104 average but the 90 is plenty to finish the job of healing (even much lower would likely be enough). In other words, for 40 minutes in this oft-arduous exercise (which I’ve made it, others needn’t), I only take some 26 breathes!

When breathing normally, most adults will take this many breathes in a little over a minute. Dr. Ray, I’ve never met anyone who has this capacity I’ve developed—even youngsters—and not that it’s impossible for another but what the device has done for me is beyond description. My orthodox docs (pulmonologist, et al) can’t believe it, to say the least. Perhaps thinking I had some trick up my sleeve, they had me take their sophisticated breathing tests, etc., and guess what?…they all validated my new, genuine, and extraordinary lung capacity—which I’ve never before had in my entire life. In addition, they did a CT scan of my lungs when I was originally so ill, a few years back, and the lungs were shot. It showed extensive scar tissue from the rare and highly-damaging eosinophilic pneumonia I had been fighting for months, as I fought for my life.

The docs said ‘if’ I stayed alive, I was guaranteed to be on prednisone forever. When I was able to start the breathing device and one other supplement, I was able to stop prednisone in a little more than a month, and now they say—to their disbelief—my lungs are better than a teenager. Finally Dr. Ray, with so much more that could be said, the device has turned back the clock on my body. My skin, head to toe, is 20 years younger (tho it’s still working on my face as I regain weight). I’m 66 and I can’t believe how much younger the device has made me. Not only did I experience great hair loss (even w/o chemo or radiation), but it’s all grown back and the gray is gone! I’ve had some 20 very bad symptoms virtually eliminated entirely. I’m guessing I’ve healed some 80% from the near-dead body I had, and still have a ways to go. My strength is finally coming back along with very good blood work compared to past measures.”