Personal mentoring partnership with Misha Sakharoff

Right now I have an opening for in-depth mentoring work with 1 client - it could be you.

You want to ensure good things happen in your health. You understand the idea that connecting the dots leads to a synergistic effect. You want to increase your physical, mental and immune resilience.

You get direct access to my experience so you can reach your goal much faster. I will help you adapt to the new reality and when you fall off the wagon I will help you to get back faster. We will be walking side by side during the week, which will ease lifestyle changes.

Mentoring partnership with me will help both in your life and in your business. With this degree of focus top performance could become a joyful matter of course. This focus will set you free.

What is included:

  • Possibility for messaging with my feedback every day
  • Two weekly 1-hour zoom meetings 1:1
  • Full accountability with me through access to the SHIP-app
  • 1-year access to one of my SHIP-programs

Cost for 1:1 mentoring:

15,000 USD - per 3 months, with possibility for extension of our cooperation.

Personal mentoring partnership with Misha Sakharoff

Through my mentoring I will help you not to fail long term.