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We use Sakharoff Protocol 

to change the cell environment and stop tumor growth

- Instead of only fighting the symptoms with targeted therapies

Stage 3 Ovarian Cancer - A Story of Healing

This video testimonial tells a story of medicine-free healing from stage 3 ovarian cancer with metastases.



My client, 66 y.o female, resident of Washington DC,  started in a state of chronic pain, insomnia and fatigue, panic attacks, anxiety, emotional turbulence, morning hyperventilation and low energy.

My client's cancer was rare LGSOC - Low Grade Serous Ovarian Carcinoma. In the US, ovarian carcinoma remains the most deadly gynaecological malignancy with approximately 14,000 yearly deaths. Most of ovarian carcinomas are high-grade. Low-grade is a relatively rare and understudied type with about 2% of all ovarian carcinomas.

About Low Grade Cerous Ovarian Carcinoma

LGSOC is a rare subtype of epithelial ovarian cancer (EOC) that is generally resistant to cytotoxic chemotherapy. LGSOC accounts for 6–10% of serous ovarian cancer and 5–8% of all EOC (Oswald and Gourley, 2015). Patients with recurrent LGSOC are generally treated via surgery with curative intent, while systemic chemotherapy or hormonal therapy is utilized in patients with non-resectable disease. The overall response rate to hormonal therapy in a recurrent setting is only 9% with median progression free survival (PFS) of 7.4 months (Gershenson et al., 2012[1].

Our non-invasive healing strategy

Targeting single genes will always remain the strategy of targeting single symptoms. Targeting single genes will never be able to address the real causes of a complex disease. This strategy has been shown to be a complete fallacy [2]

Many recent scientific studies show that metabolic approaches can stop and reverse terminal stages of cancer that are incurable by conventional medicine [3,4,5,6].

We worked together for 14 months. Our strategy was using a Non-Pharmacological Metabolic Approach (NPMA) to address the causes of cancer. We used Sakharoff Protocol to change the body' cell environment and stop tumor growth - instead of only fighting the symptoms with targeted therapies as chemo and radiation.

We trained Buteyko method right from the start, first with small steps then with higher and higher intensity, slowly overcoming plateaus and moving further and further in the healing process.

We changed daily nutrition to make a slow transition to nutritional ketosis.


Contact Information

Science & Practice: info@sakharoff.com

Are You Diagnosed With Ovarian Cancer?

The Sakharoff Protocol is a Non-Pharmacological Metabolic Approach (NPMA) that integrates the 5 main areas of human health into one structured program of training and assisted lifestyle change.

It targets cellular environment of the body as a whole - rather than the genetic expression of particular single genes involved in the tumor progression.

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About Sakharoff Integrative Health


  • To empower people through integrative approach to rediscover the natural healing powers of their body, so they can take back responsibility for their health. 

  • To move from sick-care to health-care and towards non-invasive metabolic therapies – instead of constantly finding new genetic pathways to promote the current business model based on creation of new highly invasive chemical drugs.

  • To bring forth a paradigm shift towards education instead of medication.

  • To move back to the old model of medicine. Here, doctors were rewarded for their success in keeping their patients healthy - instead of being paid for trying to heal them when they got sick.


  • Sakharoff Integrative Health protocol is a NPMA - Non-Pharmacological Metabolic Approach. As such it does no harm in the medical sense, it does not use any medical substances and basically doesn’t require any special equipment. We don’t sell neither the substances or the equipment. We only provide education and training to optimize the body functions essential for health and resilience. We also provide daily assistance to our clients to ensure 100% compliance regarding their activity and measurement regimens.

  • Sakharoff Protocol promotes not either-or, but both-and. It means that the idea of integrative health has to be promoted. We connect the dots - not only nutrition, not only breathing, not only movement but all of that combined in one process.

  • Sakharoff Protocol is in many ways complementary to the work of doctors that are openminded. Our common understanding is that the source of chronic diseases is metabolic dysfunction triggered by wrong lifestyle, through expression of a person's unique DNA.

  • Sakharoff Protocol uses scientific research studies as the foundation for its core teachings and exercises.

  • Sakharoff Protocol looks at triggers and causes of the disease - not only the symptoms. The protocol promotes understanding of lifestyle disease as syndrome with metabolic disfunction - multi-factorial condition with a bouquet of symptoms. Eg. people with Alzheimer’s most often than not get both diabetes and cardiovascular disease and other symptoms of metabolic dysfunction.

  • Sakharoff Integrative Health work on two levels of interest. Firstly, helping individual person taking responsibility for his/her own health. Secondly, with the whole society, facilitating the paradigm shift from the practice of conventional allotropic medicine towards the idea of integrative metabolic health.

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