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Time to Discover 7 Paradoxes of Health & Get Inspired To Take Your Health to the Next Level?

I'm empowering health enthusiasts just like you to take control of your health, making your cells work for you - to achieve optimal health without relying on medications or medical procedures.

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Simple and effective keys to managing your health

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Explore the transformative world of health and wellness with Misha Sakharoff in the podcast '7 Unexpected Paradoxes of Health.'

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Join Misha on a journey to reverse lifestyle diseases through innovative approaches, collaborations with medical experts, and empowering lifestyle changes. 

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Challenge conventional health beliefs, take control of your well-being, and unlock the secrets to longevity and vitality.

Discover how to harness the power of your cells for optimal health and well-being without relying on medications.  


Discover 7 Paradoxes of Health


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I was drawn to working with Misha because I liked the fact that he worked with a multidisciplinary approach – in particular diet and breathing – and with apparent openness to both.

I found Misha to be a very caring, knowledgable and attentive practitioner.

Julia Lally, Switzerland

What really stands out in Misha's approach is his enthusiasm, his knowledge, and the way he makes sure that you don't fall off the wagon.

Misha is indeed very knowledgeable, he really connects the dots. Misha's vision and clear explanations fascinated me.

Pierre Grejmans, Netherlands

I think it takes a long time to change longstanding habits, so you need just kind of a gentle, consistent force, which Misha does perfectly. I feel consistently inspired to take action, rather than pushed. Sort of like having a caring, loving parent that is willing to stick with you as long as you need until you get it.

Robert Operman, USA


Hi, I'm Misha Sakharoff

I am not a doctor. I am an integrative health engineer. I understand health as an engineer, not as a doctor. Engineers are used to look at the roots of problems and correct them - in order to make the symptoms disappear.

Since 2009 I have been working as a coach, applying my systemic way of thinking in the field of integrative health. Now I feel that my work is much more about natural flow of engineering and R&D than it has ever been. I publish research in medical journals and develop SHIP (Sakharoff Health Integrative Protocol) metabolic program, which more than 2500 people have passed by now (2024).

My slogan is Education Instead of Medication.