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We use Sakharoff Protocol\u00a0<\/em><\/h3>\r\n

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\u200b<\/em>- Instead of only fighting the symptoms with targeted therapies<\/em>\u200b<\/em><\/h3>\r\n

Stage 3 Ovarian Cancer - A Story of Healing<\/h3>\r\nThis video testimonial tells a story of medicine-free healing from stage 3 ovarian cancer with metastases.\r\n\r\n \r\n

PUSH HERE --> TO READ A FULL VIDEO TRANSCRIPT OF SIDRA'S STORY<\/h4>\r\nOkay, so this is my story with cancer, unfortunately I don't remember the exact form of ovarian cancer I had, I don't know - maybe Misha you remember. It was a rare type of ovarian cancer stage 3. They thought I had it last year and a half ago in February and then when I had a surgery, a hysterectomy. They biopsied and it was definitely cancer and had spread a little and it was so it was stage 3 ovarian cancer that I had.\r\n\r\nSo, I been working with a holistic doctor and she's been very wonderful, \u00a0testing a lot of things and giving me a lot of natural supplements. When we knew it was cancer she recommended that I go into a Gerson type diet, she said modified Gerson. So no meat whatsoever, no fish, nothing. Just vegetables and one glass of orange juice, so it kind of made no sense to me. It was a really hard diet, she wanted me to juice 3-times a day, it was very taxing to do that and I did that for about a month and a half.\r\n\r\nSo, I kept feeling like this is not the right diet. I mean it was not very enjoyable and of course I could eat some starches, there was no talk about blood sugar - mostly just not any type of sugar or honey or anything like that. But anyway in the meantime I kept doing research to see if there was a better diet, I just didn't have peace about it. And so in the meantime my son Josh went looking on the internet for more information\u2026\r\n\r\nOh! One more thing I am bypassing. Even Mrs. Gerson herself said a lot of people are doing modified Gerson to try to get the same results and she said it does not work. You have to either do it exactly the way we do it or it's not going to work. And when you go in the Gerson clinic, it's like something like 13 glasses of juice every day, so this is like impossible to do it outside of the clinic. So that fed my belief even more that this diet is not necessarily the best diet for me.\r\n\r\nSo, I kept seeking about ketogenic and I was thinking about that. And the meantime Josh did a search and he found Misha that he specializes in Keto for cancer as well as for sports and my son Josh is interested in athletics. So we called Misha up and we started coaching with him, private coaching. So that's when Misha explained the whole thing to me about the ketogenic diet, I started researching into Dr. Seyfried. And I wasn't sure, but I thought well, I'm going to try.\r\n\r\nSo, we started with the keto diet and it went pretty well. It was wonderful to be able to eat meat again and some type of sweetener as stevia. So we went on and I felt like my body pretty quickly went into ketosis. I was able to lose a lot of weight which I really wanted to anyway, and that was one benefit. And then we started doing intermittent fasting which was a little hard, but it was really good to practice self-control and get kind of a victory over this sense of a food addiction that I had - that I felt like that is not good. It's just eating these foods and I don't even feel well at all.\r\n\r\nSo that went well with the intermittent fasting. And then the breathing, it that was a little annoying at first. Because you want to take a walk and you want to just relax and breathe and talk on the phone. So anyway I stopped bringing my phone on my walks, because Misha said that it was a complete waste of time to do that while you're taking a walk. So I started doing the breathing and I worked my way up to a fairly good level and with practicing relaxation.\r\n\r\nSo, that's pretty much when I practice for the last little bit, I would say more than a year. So I've already had my 6-month CAT scan, my 12-month CAT scan, and I just had my 18-month CAT-scan - and I can't tell you how happy my doctors are!\r\n\r\nMy oncologist when he was to shake my hand, he wouldn't even let go - he just kept shaking my hand, shaking my hand! He was so happy! Poor guy, probably he has to get bad news all day long! Yes, my blood work which was very-very high testing for ovarian cancer is completely normal. In fact all my cancer blood markers are completely normal. The last CAT-scan is perfect. And even my holistic doctor said - I hope you know you're a miracle, you should be dead already.\r\n\r\nSo, I've had to have no chemo, no radiation, just natural treatments, I can't tell you how happy I am! I feel like I got my life back again and a big thank you to Misha and to my holistic doctor and in fact my oncologist who's a totally... you know he knows he's clueless about\u2026 he never gave me one hint about what to eat what to change. He just wanted to give me some like tamoxifen type drug for 5 years that gives you us osteoporosis and I refuse to even take that. So I'm just taking some natural supplements to suppress some of my estrogen, because it's an estrogen based tumor.\r\n\r\nSo, I'm sure all those things have helped me tremendously. But I think the detoxing and the breathing and the keto diet also was instrumental. So I'm just very thankful to God and thankful to Misha and to my doctor for helping me. In fact my oncologist said I don't need any more CAT-scans. He said just blood work from now on - unless I have a physical complaint that he might.. but I don't even have to have CAT-scans anymore.\r\n\r\nSo, that's my story :-)\r\n

Diagnosis<\/h3>\r\nSidra Murray 66 y.o, resident of Washington DC,\u00a0 started in a state of chronic pain, insomnia and fatigue, panic attacks, anxiety, emotional turbulence, morning hyperventilation and low energy.\r\n\r\nSidra's cancer was rare LGSOC - Low Grade Cerous Ovarian Carcinoma. In the US, ovarian carcinoma remains the most deadly gynecologic malignancy with approximately 14,000 yearly deaths. Most of ovarian carcinomas are high-grade. Low-grade is a relatively rare and understudied type with about 2% of all ovarian carcinomas.\r\n

About Low Grade Cerous Ovarian Carcinoma<\/h3>\r\nLGSOC is a rare subtype of epithelial ovarian cancer (EOC) that is generally resistant to cytotoxic chemotherapy. LGSOC accounts for 6\u201310% of serous<\/a>\u00a0ovarian cancer and 5\u20138% of all EOC (Oswald and Gourley, 2015<\/a>).\u00a0Patients with recurrent LGSOC are generally treated via surgery with curative intent, while systemic chemotherapy or\u00a0hormonal therapy<\/a>\u00a0is utilized in patients with non-resectable disease. The overall response rate to hormonal therapy in a recurrent setting is only 9% with median progression free survival (PFS) of 7.4\u202fmonths (Gershenson et al., 2012<\/a>)\u00a0[1]<\/sup>.\r\n

Our non-invasive healing strategy<\/h1>\r\nTargeting single genes will always remain the strategy of targeting single symptoms. Targeting single genes will never be able to address the real causes of a complex disease. This strategy has been shown to be a complete fallacy\u00a0[2]<\/sup>.\r\n\r\nMany recent scientific studies show that metabolic approaches can stop and reverse terminal stages of cancer that are incurable by conventional medicine\u00a0[3,4,5,6]<\/sup>.\r\n\r\nWe worked together for 14 months. Our strategy was using a Non-Pharmacological Metabolic Approach (NPMA) to address the causes of cancer. We used Sakharoff Protocol to change the body' cell environment and stop tumor growth - instead of only fighting the symptoms with targeted therapies as chemo and radiation.\r\n\r\nWe trained Buteyko method right from the start, first with small steps then with higher and higher intensity, slowly overcoming plateaus and moving further and further in the healing process.\r\n\r\nWe changed daily nutrition to make a slow transition to nutritional ketosis.\r\n\r\n\"HEALING<\/span>\r\n

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Are You Diagnosed With Ovarian Cancer?<\/h1>\r\nThe Sakharoff Protocol is a Non-Pharmacological Metabolic Approach (NPMA) that integrates the 5 main areas of human health into one structured program of training and assisted lifestyle change.\r\n\r\nIt targets cellular environment of the body as a whole - rather than the genetic expression of particular single genes involved in the tumor progression.\r\n\r\nIf you are interested to learn more please the click on the image below \u2b07\ufe0e<\/span>\r\n\r\n\"TURN<\/a><\/span>\r\n