A Practical Guide to Presence 

by synergy of Samurai

and Science

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How to to find peace and protection

in times of trouble. 

A step-by-step guide.

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This book is for you:

  • If you feel that you need to find peace and protection in everyday life situations where you experience criticism, uncertainty, anger - or even aggression
  • If you tried to get yourself together and to get willpower to make things happen. But instead was plagued of bad conscience and procrastination
  • If you tried to learn process-oriented work, but lacked stillness of mind for the natural enjoyment of process
  • If you feel that you lack the tools to root yourself in the world going through overwhelming changes
  • If you feel that your health work did not bring the desired results and the concept of willpower is a fallacy
  • If you are having daily struggle with procrastinations and want to have a set of practical tools to avoid them for life
  • If you feel that motivation doesn't work and you want to experience to be driven by everlasting inspiration 
  • Engage in a well-established integrative system with clear step-by-step recommendations

This book is for you if you want to:

  • Learn about Hara point, the most powerful energy fulcrum of your body
  • Learn how to recover from catastrophic situations and return to near-optimal performance
  • Learn to activate vagus response and improve your vagal tone without devices
  • Learn Progressive Active Relaxation and its synergetic connection with breathing
  • Learn how to sense your center through breathing meditations 
  • Learn how to meditate throughout your day with your eyes open, also at work 
  • Learn to normalise regulation of sympathetic-parasympathetic balance through daily training  
  • Discover real life situations where you can train your body-mind connection on a daily basis
  • Engage in a well-established integrative system with clear step-by-step recommendations
  • Achieve professional efficiency with stress resilience and learn to enjoy your work life

Are you eager to connect the dots
of Hara and breathing?

Get my book and receive a lifelong inspiration
to survive and thrive in the times of Black Swan!

The author behind the book

Misha Sakharoff


After a career in engineering, for the last 10 years I have been working as a trainer, educator and coach, applying my systemic way of thinking as an engineer to the field of integrative health. 5 years ago, I created the Metabolic Health Program, which until now have helped over 1800 people (2022).

"My vision is to give everyone a real chance to empower themselves with an integrative approach to rediscover the natural healing powers of their body. My goal is to initiate a paradigm shift towards Education instead of Medication.

Let's go back to the old model of medicine. Here, doctors and other health professionals were rewarded for their success in keeping their patients healthy - instead of paying to try to cure them when they got sick. 

Let's take full responsibility for our health back into our own hands. I can show you how and support you walking the talk together along with you on your path."

Why did I write this book?

This book is based on my life experience, that led to creation of SHIP Integrative Health program. The idea is to promote activation of the innate mechanisms of the human body for self-healing and give every person a real chance to learn a systematic approach to her/his health and turn on the natural healing powers of your body.

I’ve been doing educational programs connecting the dots of human health for more than 10 years now. These years gave me understanding of the hara point as the most important and the most valuable point effectively connecting knowledge and practical training. It is also the point that is hardest to fathom and to enter without slow, prolonged iterative training process.

I have used the one point to help my clients with high grade brain tumours to survive their diagnoses. What does surviving a diagnose really mean? It means that the diagnose of this kind promotes deep fear. This fear becomes a big part of the disease itself. This fear becomes a killing agent itself. My role in this situation becomes not only to give my clients understanding of the physiology of cancer, as well as physiology of healing the cancer. But essentially to give my client the anchoring point in this process.

This anchor becomes the most important knowledge during both the healing and the maintenance periods. With time the whole world becomes concentrated around these anchor. Hara becomes an integral part of the healing realm, as it detaches the person from fear and anxiety. Thus cancer becomes a messenger and even a friend - instead of your enemy that must be killed with all means, including the most invasive ones. In this way the hara point becomes the most important agent in your healing journey.

Another aspect of my deep wish to inspire people with a deeper understanding of hara point is its role as a mediator of our survival and thrival through the eventually coming black swan events. Many people I know that are aware of the disruptive plans of the technocratic New World Order enter the realm of prepping. I think we need to understand that the most important part of the prepping would be understanding and maintaining strong health. My course gives the possibility to enter in the realm of you health experience. Right now it’s high time to do that - and not wait any longer.

In this book I introduce the three types of my special breathing meditations - for the morning, for the day and for the evening. They are inspired by the Samurai motto of Living Life in Every Breath. I would like to promote understanding of the deep connection between hara and health. I will show you how to kickstart your day with a big smile and physical sensation of strength. The role of this in promoting and maintaining your inner strength, resilience and stability is invaluable. Thus hara becomes a tool of survival, slowly becoming more and more ingrained in the course of practice of the inner fulcrum of your body AND your soul.

Thus one point slowly becomes more and more physical and less and less undefinable. I would not say less mystical, because mysticism is a part of the even higher layers of hara, which connects it to spirituality.

My book combines the latest knowledge on the field of human breathing physiology with quintessential distillate of centering techniques from inner martial arts, Aikido and Samurai, which are also called Living Silence or Stillness in Action. The Samurai taught these techniques to their 4-year-old children to enter the realm of no-fear-of-death.  In my book I will introduce you to the work with focus and defocus techniques, both sight-based and mental.

I will also tell you about the physiological pathways connecting hara with body structure, active relaxation and breathing. You will learn about breathing optimisation method of Dr. Konstantin Buteyko. His technique of reprogramming and optimisation of automatic breathing patterns helped thousands of people to reverse their chronic health conditions. They also helped soviet astronauts optimise their space journey and many soviet athletes win gold medals.

If you know about Hara, but have yet to experience its depth, then this book is definitely for you.
I'm looking forward to be with you on this journey.

I wish you best of health and resilience 🙏
Misha Sakharoff

What are people saying?


“In my practice, in my work, I see that it is very difficult for people to take responsibility for their own health. I think this is a choice that everyone has to make for themselves. It is not easy, but with Misha's experience the chances will be much higher. ”



“It's hard to change old habits. So if you need solid support in the form of soft and consistent steps, then Misha does it perfectly. It's kind of like having a caring, loving parent who is willing to hold your hand for as long as you need to until you gain your own experience.”



“I think he is an example of a saying:“ If someone says it’s impossible, please make way for those people who prove otherwise. ” He is one of those people who move forward no matter what. I feel like I am on the verge of a strong transformation. "



“Misha's approach is an innovative. Being a Buteyko specialist myself, I am very grateful to him for giving me the opportunity to learn from his experience. In a metaphorical sense, he holds a mirror in front of us. And in this mirror we see ourselves with our flaws - and we can really change ourselves for the better. "



“II feel support from Misha physically - almost literally. When there are moments that something doesn't work out or doesn't happen so quickly, Misha is right there, and his words, his confidence inspire and help to move on. "


Are you eager to connect the dots
of Hara and breathing?

Get my book and receive a lifelong inspiration
to survive and thrive in the times of Black Swan!

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