Seizures and Cramps – Triggers and Synergetic Effects
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Learning points from the remission of Glioblastoma Multiforme brain tumor
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A universal training protocol as NPMA strategy for health and longevity
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Extended Water Fasting – Why and How?
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Testimonial – My Most Authentic Marathon!
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Why do medical professionals promote chemotherapy?
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New treatment opportunities for newly diagnosed Alzheimer’s
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Learn how to control lifestyle diseases
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Khash – ketogenic bone broth from Armenia that stops joint inflammation
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Atrial fibrillation patient after 19 weeks of exercise: A significant difference
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Drug-free Metabolic Therapies and The Big Pharma – Impossible love.
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Willpower – A Killer Concept
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Close your Mouth When Running or Training.
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How Do I Take Responsibility for My Health?
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Heart or Hara? What comes first for the Samurai – and for you?
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Take responsibility in health and life
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I can help you beat cancer and return to normal life
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Asthma is common among Olympic athletes! – but WHY?
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Now blogging for a leading online tennis-magazine – on physical and mental resilience for tennis
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Ki-Kaizen self-healing workshop in Israel, June 21-22nd 2015 – “One Point of Attention – One Point of Resilience”
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