A Webinar REPLAY with Misha Sakharoff

Stopping Brain Tumors
with the Sakharoff Protocol

The webinar duration is just under 1 hour.
 Enable English subtitles by clicking the 'CC' button in the bottom right corner of the video and choosing English. The icon next to it will enable the full-screen mode.
This is an automated webinar. As your feedback is important to us, you will have possibility to ask questions directly to Misha Sakharoff in a free 1:1 session during the application process.

Продолжительность вебинара составляет чуть менее 1 часа.
Включите русские субтитры, нажав кнопку «CC» в правом нижнем углу видео и выбрав русский. Значок рядом с ним включает полноэкранный режим.
Это автоматизированный вебинар. Поскольку ваш отзыв важен для нас, у вас будет возможность задать вопросы непосредственно Мише Сахарову в бесплатном сеансе 1: 1 во время процесса подачи заявки.

Intensive Program to Beat Brain Tumors


During the webinar you will discover why it is important to consider an alternative approach to dealing with aggressive brain tumors. Misha explains about the Sakharoff Protocol and how the Intensive Program works. You'll also learn about the results of the program. The application process is explained near the end of the webinar. 

Во время вебинара вы узнаете, почему важно рассмотреть альтернативный подход к борьбе с агрессивными опухолями головного мозга. Миша рассказывает о протоколе Сахарова и о том, как работает Интенсивная программа. Вы также узнаете о результатах программы. Процесс подачи заявки объясняется ближе к концу вебинара.

What is included in the Intensive Program?

You receive daily guidance and personal support to create your desired healthy lifestyle.

Your progress is tracked by various daily measurements in your private online health log.

You are closely monitored by Misha Sakharoff and his team through online Q&A sessions that are being held in two time zones every weekday.

You become a member of the closed Facebook group where you can learn from a group of peers who are overcoming a similar condition.

You get access to a searchable knowledge database with hundreds of questions and video-answers

The Intensive Program costs $770 USD per month during 6 months. There is no contract, so you can cancel each month if you would wish that.

The progress becomes visible

Every day your data is measured to track the progress of your healing.

Misha can follow up and advise you based on actual numbers.

Real results based on science

The Sakharoff Protocol uses the best scientific approaches for non pharmacological metabolic healing.

There is little alternative. Regular treatments only extend the life.

"The tumor has stopped growing. It's been a great holiday for us!"

Vera (US)

“Misha gave me hope. It's not about extending your life, it's about getting your life back.

Jan (Canada)

“This has been fun, enjoyable. I feel like I'm doing something positive.

William (UK)