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I want to inspire people. That’s why I decided to run Q&A sessions every week from now on.
They will be absolutely open for every one – no need to sign-up and it’s free to attend.

Looking at life with the eyes of an engineer

Engineers love interdependencies. Looking at life with the eyes of an engineer means having a constant urge to connect the dots in order to enhance something of value. I work in the area of human health where the most of research is done by medical industry and on university level. Practically all of this work is made by specialists that have deep insight into their own often small area of knowledge. Basically it means that most of the science that is being produced in this way lacks different amounts of interconnection. The highly specific nature of scientific studies lacks assessment of interdependence with other areas of life. Sometimes the scientific setup of a study reminds of a situation when we do not see the whole forest because of all too many trees. This situation is getting acutely worse when the study setup is influenced by industry interests.

Generalist vs specialist

The nature of scientific research is to go in depth and delve with minuscule details. The details that are only visible and understandable by very narrow field of specialists. When the most of the science is being made like that, an urgent need arises. The need for a function connecting the dots of different aspects of health into practically doable patterns. We could call it a protocol of interdependence. And that is a role that we practitioners must take on our shoulders. It’s an uneasy job, because it still requires a degree of specialist knowledge in different areas. It also requires the ability to constantly maintain a helicopter perspective. And human health is full of paradoxes and constantly changing paradigms that are all interconnected and interdependent – very often in very subtle ways. It requires innate curiosity and constant openness to be able to navigate in this ever-changing environment full of paradoxes.

Consistency is about showing up

I’m not a medical doctor. I’m Integrative Health Engineer and creator of Sakharoff Protocol for Health and Resilience. And if you ask me, I will tell you that most crucial factor of longevity is not the right knowledge about health – but consistency based on this knowledge. It means to actually implement the small bits of knowledge directly into your life. And to start doing it already today. This way, step by step we can create sustainable change. 

Nobody can learn us consistency unless we have already tried several times to make new year resolutions and fail. Consistency is not to quit – but show up every time and be inquisitive. Starting today – not tomorrow.

We start with ourselves. And then we can inspire and influence people around us with our own example and our own experience. It works only that way – between parents and children, between spouses, friends, colleagues and so on.

What can you ask me about?

There is a lot of ideas, conceptions – and misconceptions about health. And it can be hard to know wrong from right. But to have a larger perspective on health you have to see the interdependencies and start connecting the dots. That’s what is is about. My experience is to help people with different health conditions to get their life back – seeing their health with the eyes of an engineer. You can get a part of my experience by asking me your practical and questions about following areas:

– Breathing, nutrition, physical movement, exercise, immunity, chronic inflammation, cancer, medicinfree healing protocols, asthma, diabetes, depression, arthritis, heart and cardiovascular diseases, neurodegenerative and autoimmune diseases, athletic performance, overtraining, peak performance, mental resilience, stress response, coping with stress, attention, relaxation, samurai mental techniques, life philosophy, practical life science, procrastination and many other aspects releated to health and how to build a strong and lasting process of life change. 

C’mon, show up and be inquisitive – we start already today!

You can ask me questions about your own health, physiology and integrative approach to health or any other aspect related to your health. And the session is free 😉

See you!

How to Join – Time Schedule

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SESSIONS IN ENGLISH: The time schedule for the weekly Live Q&A session on Wednesdays:

Location Local time Time zone UTC offset
Copenhagen (Denmark) on Wednesdays, 13:00 CET UTC+1 hour
London (United Kingdom – England) on Wednesdays, 12:00 GMT UTC
New York (USA – New York) on Wednesdays, 07:00 EST UTC-5 hours
San Francisco (USA – California) on Wednesdays, 04:00      PST UTC-8 hours

 Tid for vores åbne ugentlige Q&A session alle torsdagen:

Sted Lokal tid Tidszone UTC offset 
København (Danmark)                           alle torsdage, kl. 13:00       CET               UTC+1 hour

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